0Night0 - "Participated in a 'coup'"

Ban reason: [Participated in a ‘coup’ in which they simply killed all of security and several other crew members on the ‘wrong side’, leading to a complete derail of the round. You may appeal this ban on the forums, it’s indefinite temporarily until appeal]
Length of ban: [Indefinite until appeal]
Events leading to the ban: [Maybe having sec suit and laser rifle, but I didn’t killed any sec. I took suit and rifle in armory, when sec and miners were killing someone (nukies or traitors, idk).]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Didn’t break any rules, didn’t killed any secs or any crew]


Hi 0Night0,

You were caught in a wave ban through log diving. Your ban has been lifted after further investigation with other admins for this round.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals