1 Day Ban to Permanent

SS14 account: BusinessCasual
Character name: Huge Honkers, Heug ashole, James Smith
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 9/14/2022
Reason for Ban: Alt of BusinessCasual
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: One off occasion of RDM that I thought was a justified self defense. Didn’t have a decent amount of time to have a full conversation with an administrator and was placed on a 24 hour ban, which is completely justified if the admin felt it was necessary even though this was my first ever case of an infraction with no previous admin interaction or warnings. When the event occurred I was playing at work on my free time and wasn’t properly representing my characters roles and I understand that. That night I had planned to play with my wife once I got home and settled in for evening, so I made another account not realizing this was also an issue, to my surprise when I attempted to log back in with my original account today to check the remaining ban time to see when I could hop back on the ban is now permanent and that my account is an Alt of Itself, which I’m guessing they just banned the account for the reason of the creation of an alt account (KiwiStrider).

Why you think you should be unbanned: I’m a very passionate supporter of the community/environment/game of SS13 and SS14 and have had so many memories playing SS13 for years and want to continue that love through ss14, I made a mistake and the temporary ban felt justified if the admin felt it was necessary, but a permanent ban seems very far out of reach for the infraction and my own incompetence of creating another account. I hope I can return to the game to continue making a positive impact on other players, weather its teaching them the rules, gameplay mechanics, or the wonderful experience of roleplaying in this universe.

Anything else we should know: Other than myself there are two other people in my household that play SS14 and I hope my actions dont disturb their accounts. Thank you for taking the time to review my appeal.

What was the purpose of making another account?

And attempting to connect with it, for that matter

Had planned to introduce the game to my wife that evening and she was excited to play. Didn’t want to disappoint her and tell her my account had been banned for the next 24 hours. I apologize if that seems like an outlandish answer.

9 hours ago, BusinessCasual said:

so I made another account not realizing this was also an issue

You have admitted to creating an alternate account for the purpose of ban evasion. Why you would think there is no issue with that is beyond me.

Because of the ban evasion, your 24 hour ban has been elevated to an appeal only ban.


9 hours ago, BusinessCasual said:

which I’m guessing they just banned the account for the reason of the creation of an alt account (KiwiStrider).

The ban is because you created an alternate account for the purpose of ban evasion.

I realize my mistake now, and have review all the rules thoroughly to prevent from making the same kind of mistake. Do I need to create a separate appeal for this? It was not my direct intention to escalate the situation or make this kind of mistake.

Hey BusinessCasual,

Collectively we have reviewed the circumstances of your initial ban and the claims set forth in your appeal. Your connection history and patterns appear to support your claim. It does, however, look exactly like ban evasion, which is why I went through and banned both accounts for suspicion of such.

Since you have been cordial throughout the appeal and we do not appear to have had any major issues with either you or with KiwiStrider whom connected the evening you were banned (they seemed to indeed be a different person playing from you judging from logs), staff consensus is to  accept this appeal.  

However, I’d like to make note of two things:

  1. Please do not use names like “Heug Ashole”. We have naming standards for a reason. This name probably played a role in you getting quickly banned for an infraction as a name like this imparts a certain bias on you of probably not caring about the rules.
  2. Since two people within your household are playing SS14, understand that metacommunication (communicating information about the game to other users outside of the game’s normal means of communication) is strictly forbidden. We can’t police it, so if the two of you are coordinating outside of the game while you are both actively playing it, it will be met harshly. Also know that because of your shared connection it is extremely likely that any ban on one of your accounts will ban both of them.

All this considered, the bans on both accounts will be lifted and you should be able to connect again shortly. Have fun.

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