12_BitRetro - For Attacking a AFK Player

SS14 account: 12_BitRetro
Character name: Dumbo
Type of Ban: Permanent Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 07/06/2022
Reason for Ban: “RDM, Leaving during ahelp.Appeal @ forum.ss12.io
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]
Your side of the story: I was attacking a user I did not knew was afk in the moment and receive a admin message saying the user was afk and freaked out and closed the game.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I am a newbie and are still learning the ropes of the game and didn’t mean to break any rules. I won’t attack any further afk players if unbanned.
Anything else we should know: that is all, sorry for the trouble.

Them being AFK isnt the issue, the fact you straight up attacked someone in the first place is the problem. Killing someone regardless if they are afk is against the rules.

I apologies, it won’t happen again.

Appeal accepted.

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