[1337_J4K3] - [banned for ERP]

Ban reason: “ERP is not allowed”

Length of ban: permabanned (I believe its this  the server wont tell me exactly)

Events leading to ban: To start I am new and didn’t know what ERP was until I was banned. my buddy lathedog and I found a secret bedroom by accident and right away started joking around.  I was saying more Erotic  stuff then him he was just there.  people kept coming into the room and we kept kicking them out. when they stayed i thought they were playing along mainly the pink lady. turns out she was just trying to kill me because I was ERPing. they brought me to med revived me and she kept killing me. went to sec to stop her then she killed me again and I was banned along with my friend.

Reasons the banned should be removed: I’m new to RP stuff and its very fun. The ban was appropriate for what I was doing but I understand what ERP is now and will not do it again, my apologies  

The ERP rule is a zero tolerance rule, so not even in the context of joke is it permitted.
I suggest you and lathedog do not engage in this manner again, if you are friends out of game, as a reminder I suggest you do not use any meta communication to talk to each other during rounds and have a read on our wiki rules to familiarise yourself with the rules.
You friend should still put their appeal in if they wish to still do so.

I have removed the ban and accepted the appeal but be acutely aware, any further ERP comments in any context will likely result in a voucher ban which can only be appealed after six months.

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