2° Ban Appeal - Wizard's Den

Ban reason:  Racism 
Length of ban: Perma-ban i guess
Events leading to the ban: died and used the n-word, no warning, just a big fat permaban 
Reason the ban should be removed: I already tried to be polite in the last request and asked for the removal of the ban, the permaban is excessively harsh punishment, at that time i didnt knew the server would be so sensitive about this, im a black person and i say the n word a lot, but in the future i will avoid this kind of slur inside Wizard’s Den servers. 

Anyway, keep me permabanned or not, its you call, its intereseting to not being banned cause would be nice to have the most populated server to have fun.

The admin team has decided to reject this appeal. You can appeal no sooner than 1 month from now.

Regarding your concern that the ban is excessively harsh: excluding our “golden rule”, our first rule, a “zero tolerance” rule, says we don’t allow hate speech or discriminatory language, including racial slurs. We regularly apply indefinite bans for players who use slurs, and require them to appeal if they want the ban lifted.

Sorry it took so long to process this appeal, I was trying to get you feedback you could use for your next appeal, if you choose to appeal again in the future. The best feedback I was able to get for you was that some admins don’t seem to have been convinced that you were being sincere, that you recognized the seriousness with which we treat slurs, or that you were taking the appeal seriously

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