[2023/11/19] Dehubbing of Ian Station

We have removed Ian Station due to violation of the Space Wizards Hub Rules:

  • 1.5. If your server or community as a whole is 18+, you must do due diligence to remove underage players

Due to the severity of the issue we have decided to immediately go for a 3-strike dehub.


Ian Station is an 18+ Russian ERP server that is intermittently hosted. We cannot provide an exact server address as it keeps being hosted from a different IP.

We received multiple reports of the server’s owner being underage themselves, and neglecting to enforce that people are actually 18.

We were able to verify these claims on their official Discord, the owner publicly stating on multiple occasions what their age is (I’m not gonna post any direct messages on this however…).

I also found multiple off-handed mentions of “half the server is underage and you know it”-type stuff, though I’m not interested in doing an in-depth analysis to see how much of that claim is simply hyperbole.

Furthermore, we found this message from the owner in their announcements channel:


Google Translate (emphasis mine):


@everyone Dear players, so that we don’t fly out of the hub we will have to ban everyone who is under 18, this is all done for the bastards who want to write a report on us PJB, if you are not 18 please keep your mouth shut , this also applies to the admin panel, I think you understand our situation and be quiet, we don’t want to go to alt hubs, just like you, we hope for understanding and the absence of bastards who sharpen their grudge against us

We take all this as clear evidence the server’s administration has little interest in properly enforcing basic age requirements, and decided we would rather go with the nuclear option.