32BitBlu-Banned for using VPN

Ban reason: Datacenter
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: After playing a round on Lizard at around 7AM September 17 2023 UTC -4 I was banned due to the reason of “Datacenter”.
Reason the ban should be removed: due to my country’s internet restrictions(Proxy Firewall),the only way to get access to the game is to use a VPN,I would like to know if there some kind of VPN ban system being used in the server.

Datacenter bans aren’t applied to specific accounts, they’re applied to IPs used by things like virtual private networks (VPNs). If you are using a VPN, disabling it should allow you to connect to Wizard’s Den servers. If you are not using a VPN or something similar, but still cannot connect, please do any of the following:

If you’re unable to play without a VPN, please create a thread in Admin Message requesting an exemption

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