58lar85 - banned for being rude in ahelp

Ban reason: went combative in ahelp

Length of ban: until appealed

Events leading to the ban: it was late for me and i was helping botany then wanted to get a hoe from ssd botanist, got ahelped to not do that and was rude with the moderator

Reason the ban should be removed: i forgot about this appeal i made i was pretty mad at the time and i felt like it was “unreasonable” but i reread the rules and now i see that im actually wrong 


While searching through logs I found an instance of you using the term ‘retard’ 3 days after your last ban for it expired. This would normally have resulted in an indefinite ban due to your history with slur use, so it’s something you should also try to address for this appeal to be successful. Feel free to do that in a reply here.

yeah not gonna lie 
i dont think i should be unbanned now
if i cant even control myself saying just a word
not even talking about other stuff i did
ill just go move on from game thanks for the memories

i dont even remember saying that which is even worse

pro was told appeal in 2 weeks does it the next day

Oh i misread within 2 weeks

unfortunately your ban appeal has been denied by vote. reasoning is multiple instances of being rude to volunteer staff members. if you wish to appeal again wait two weeks please :slight_smile:

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