58lar85, banned for "RDM on Salv, recalled shuttle stranding them, Calling them retard after only very recently being warned about it"

Ban reason: banned for “RDM on Salv, recalled shuttle stranding them, Calling them retard after only very recently being warned about it”
Length of ban: 3 days
Events leading to the ban: roundstart cargo tech, not antag, went for a space carp bounty and asked salv to get one, at first i was ignored then ignored rudely, one of the salvs said "who is that annoying voice i hear on our radio channel so i asked another salv for the bounty, no reply from the other salv yet the guy denied it again “sure, no” then proceeded to space department like two times unintentionally, then the other guy spaced it once, i asked him not to so he spaced it again (this time intentionally), they didnt even bother to close airlocks. then when i was docking cargo shuttle and expedition shuttle was blocking the way, i asked them to move it, got no reply then one of them argued that it was not blocking the way which is funny considering how their catwalks are much lower in position to cargo docking port  and did NOT move it, then they went on an expedition and i recalled the shuttle 
Reason the ban should be removed: i warned them that i will recall the shuttle after one of them started the conflict and i did not aim to permakill any of them just did it so they have to wait for the cooldown, the 2 salvs dying is my fault and a big one since the 2 salvs werent the shitters however i think that it was not rdm rather a conflict escalation because it would be very hard to make them face departmental consequences because they can just fly away on their shuttle and with the fact that most heads are passive-aggressive and dont care about anything unless you dont follow THEIR orders or your an antag it was pretty clear they would just get away with the shitting and also it was zombies round so them not doing their bounties led to cargo not being able to order anything and overrun by zombies which is pretty significant 
about the word retard, i got warned for it a week ago and before this ban i did not say it a single time, then i just forgot about the warn and because of language barrier it translates to something more rude than idiot so i didnt see a problem with it
the mod ahelping me was very biased, ive seen meta raiders get ahelped for about 5 minutes and they even gibbed a secoff while mod was watching and they did nothing yet my situation took less than 1 minute, the mod also didnt give me any time to elaborate i dont remember the name but it was really more to inform me that im getting banned 
its my fault that i got banned but it still looks quite unfair, the fact that 2 innocent salvs died is bad and the ban should definately stay but it would still be nice to see someone else’s opinion on this cuz i feel like the ban was quite rushed

As the Salvager that was stabbed to death, this very much did not feel like a valid conflict escalation. My personal experience was that we had a cargo tech start shouting at us about “how hard is it to close a fucking door” which was met with a snarky response from us. I have played a lot more cargo/QM than Salvage, so I am aware that tiles popping off back to back can be frustrating, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen a response this explosive to such a matter before.


Regarding the being “ignored rudely” parts: from personal experience, salvage tends to not be checking cargo radio given that round-start communications over it are largely dominated by people organising cargo bounties, with Salvage themselves also being busy preparing for their work.


We had thought the issue resolved and de-escalated only to have the shuttle suddenly recalled killing the salvager who had disembarked and then once we returned to seek punitive action we were suddenly attacked with a knife with no provocation, ending with my death as I tried to distance myself from you.


Apologies if I am out of line for posting as a non-admin, but considering I was one of the affected players and the nature of the narrative they are trying to paint: I thought I’d give my perspective on things. Feel free to remove this if it is out of line.

I didn’t just decided to stab you you spaced the department a third time there was no way it was on accident such amount of spacing can only be achieved by complete ignorance since none of you even tried to close the door and i have no problems with someone denying a bounty but this didn’t just end on that and by conflict escalation i meant that it was not completely random murder like some people do rather a consequence of actions

But still nothing can justify that only the 2 innocent salvs died


Im gonna get unbanned tomorrow anyways so this is pointless af but idk how to close discussion


I believe the only time I spaced was after you had started having a go at us, since I had gone to get gear from Engi prior to that and had not even gone near an airlock until then. I can’t speak for the rest of the salvage team, as I was not there during their preparation, but stabbing someone to death over some loose tiles is a massive over-escalation, especially if it only happened 3 times across an entire Salvage team.

I find it somewhat concerning that you seem to think murdering people is a valid escalation from that.


In any case though, I am not here to stir anything up and will back off on this topic now.

Sorry this appeal wasn’t able to be processed before the ban expired. If you’d like to dispute the ban having been applied in the first place, feel free to make a new appeal or staff complaint, but you should already be able to connect to the servers again.

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