SS14 account username: 612Killa
Role(s):  Security
Date of ban: 1/23/23
Length of ban: 1 Week
Events leading to the ban: As I understand it:

- I was wearing advanced magboots - I secured them from a syndie’s belongings and after putting them in my own bag I forgot about them while making my way through the station. I later noticed I still had them and wore them while making my way back so I could avoid being slipped by the many syndie soaps being thrown. I hadn’t yet put them in a locker by the time everybody was frozen in sec during evac.

- I arrested somebody and handed them off to the warden, who kept them imprisoned forever - This person helped a confirmed syndicate murderer by pulling them away while they were stunned and being cuffed, so I arrested them for interfering and helping a prisoner escape. When I handed them off to the warden and told them the crime, they said they weren’t to be released at that moment and later apparently abandoned sec altogether with the prisoner still in custody.

- I moved what I thought was a confirmed syndicate agent’s body from sec lobby to a side room - I thought this person was a confirmed syndicate (their bag even had amatoxin like the other confirmed botanist syndie) who’d been killed and dragged here amidst other stuff security had to deal with, so I wanted to keep sec air alarms from going off because of miasma from the rotting corpse until whoever’s case this was could deal with taking them to cloning and perma as usual. I ultimately learned they were actually gunned down by a secoff for slipping them, which I was completely unaware of during the round.

Reason the ban should be removed:  Putting a body in a side room where it was easily forgotten and ignored (I’m sure I walked past it at least once or twice going to the back of sec) was an unwise decision for reasons exactly like what happened here, but otherwise simply a well-intentioned mistake that was made at a bad time. My security gameplay is otherwise standard: patrolling, catching troublemakers, confiscating contraban, cloning people, and following the rules. 

I already talked to you about the issue and you seem to understand I’m lifting this.

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