A Appeal

SS14 account: KomaO

Character name:  Sigmund Goldberg 

When was the ban:  a week or 2 ago 

Your side of the story:  I started the round and someone who I forgot the name of said something along the lines of “all of the greys were his slaves” and I said “greys are slaves” which on its on own is bad yes but I meant it as a question not me agreeing with the man (also that other people can attest to this and luckily for me i found someone who also saw it happen Mellissa who said could use them as a reference in dms)

Why you think you should be unbanned:  I did say it yes but under the context I do not think its fair to ban someone for a slip up in typing and i shall be more careful in the future my grammar is not very good as English is not my first language my apologies . ( and now to my criticisms) 
  I was told by a mod that i had alot of ahelps about griefing but i’ll attest that i have so many of them because of how i play syndie and not because i was griefing and that if i were griefing i’d be banned for that and not this a long time ago i learned my lesson already about that kind of behavior as i had spent a week banned over it once 

Anything else we should know: I Know i was told to appeal again at the end of this month but i am currently on winter break and would really like to play again on my week off and experiences the new things that you have added along with playing with my friends on ss14 again 


Your ban will be lifted, but I hope you are well-aware of the rules by now. You will be on thin ice so better think twice before doing something potentially bannable or toeing with the rules. You will be job-banned from heads and warden though, because of your three bans including griefing and RDM as those jobs.

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