A week has pasted just following what a mod told me I could do to shorten my 2 week ban. [Fazbeus] Account name- Seth, Discord -Seþ#2464

I got banned from ss14 for a mistake or a glitch that happened then I talked to much got banned from the discord the admins talked about it one of them told me for pining admins/talking to them on DM’s I was going to be banned from both the discord and the game for two weeks 

This is mostly a ban appeal for ss14 since I really didn’t do anything to get banned there other than correlation 

This start on sunday and I was talking to him at 1 am so technically a week has passed since I got accidentally banned at the morning of the past sunday

Check back in another week. Also follow the ban appeal template.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals