[AbigorTheRaged] - [Unlawful ban (admin got emotional and abused power)


SS14 account: AbigorTheRaged

Character name: Han Swallow

Type of Ban: perma ban (unlawful/abusive ban ) 

Date of Ban and Duration: 10/18/2022 4:00pm PST duration: Indef

Reason for Ban: Admin thought player was being aggressively asking questions (opinionated view) rather than accept the posts at non-biased view simply because player was asking questions as to why an admin messaged them from playing their role during a round

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard(We cannot do anything about bans on unofficial servers.)
Your side of the story:  playing medical role helping all forms of life both criminal and enforcer. admin playing a round (possibly a enforcer ) ended up getting mobbed by players that thought enforcer was abusing their power. so players more than one interrupted arrest. admin messaged me off to the side and asked why me even though there was more than one person interrupting an arrest for a potential innocent player. (me ) asking admin as to why they messaged me and why they felt like they had to. admin got heated from questioning then decided to perma ban without an exact official reason.

Why you think you should be unbanned: was only asking questions to better understand the reason as to the message felt like my ban was a selfish reason and clouded by emotion without a good reason. felt like admin abused their power rather than have a decent talking to. felt like my ban was unjustifiable and felt like they were biased in their judgement rather than simply asking the right questions rather than vague questions like " so uh why did you do that ? " instead of being being friendly asking " hey i just saw what you did (explains the detail of the situation ) any reason you did that ? " as an official professional way to admin properly. (least my view on how to properly do said role/job)  

Anything else we should know: admin did not give me time to log chat log and instant booted me from server so i could collect the details needed for an appeal if admin felt abusive or unprofessional at their duty. 


I think telling you not to self-antag and harass security is pretty justified. Admin was not playing (game logs state they joined as observer and they were observer at time of handling + admins are not allowed to admin and play, this isn’t dark rp). You also threatened to go to the head dev and then DMed a random maintainer (and even politely skipped me due to not being able to DM, appreciate it)
Posting ahelp log here for people to read as we don’t really have anything to hide.

Admin is justified in banning you for attempting to threaten them into doing nothing, which frankly I find incredibly funny. Thanks for the laugh I suppose.


From Rejected to Ban Appeals