Abilty to turn pais into borgs

this might have been suggested before however I think it would be a good feature for making pais more helpful for their owners (besides playing music and a map that barely anyone asks for I get that they’re not meant to do everything but still) and be better for more rp opportunities (i have rped a pai obsessed with getting a body once and was only told it was against rules after the fact i never got a body) maybe be able to take a ai chip out of a pai and put it into a brain or just make it its own separate item that’s the same cost as the brain

The simplest way to do this would probably either be letting the pAI insert into borgs directly (not ideal since eventually we’ll be able to make pAIs and it would be bad for them to just be a cheaper posi brain) or to add a special “pAI Adapter” or some such device that functions like an MMI but for pAIs.

i feel like the second option is much better probably maybe the first one for the short term but the second for the long term

Note that the pai is a familiar by default and doing this implies all sorts of fun stuff. Build your own loyal Borg with legal Asimov for the cheap price of a pai adaptor!

I think personally I’d rather like to see the pai expansion slot design doc like system. Where their ability’s are more helpful to one spesific player rather than an entire crew