Account Username: Henhen Reason for Job ban: self antaging

Role(s): All head roles
Length of ban: Forever
Events leading to the ban: i was on the evac shuttle and i saw like 3 syndes there. one had the captains sword, the other two were killing people, all heads were killed expect me and didn’t see any security on the shuttle.(to my knowledge) and i had made unstable mutagen as a way to protect myself if anything bad happens. i took it out to kill one of the syndes, well who i tought was a synde(they were wearing a syndicate elite suit, synde mask, synde headset, syndicate bag). after the round ended i left to play on another server and when i came back i was job banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I think this ban was false because the person i killed was only wearing syndicate gear and i tought they were a syndicate agent and there were people being killed on the shuttle by other syndicates making the situation more chaotic.

i saw that i am banned from medical and command. not just command

Hello, sorry to get back to you this late. I need you to clarify a specific point. Is there any particular reason in particular you had filled up your hypo with 30u of unstable mutagen, or did you simply decide you needed it to protect yourself?

it was unfilled but after i saw the traitors killing everyone and people with the captains gear (he was alive before evac) i filled it with mutagen to kill the syndes who were killing everyone

Hello, after admin discussion we have decided to partially accept your appeal.

This is not because the reason for your ban was completely correct however. After review of the replay, it does seem likely that you could confuse the individual you killed for an active syndie.

However, there are other issues that we identified that still require that we impose a role ban.


  • As the CMO you prepared lethal amounts of unstable mutagen specifically to use as a weapon just in case. Especially for command, we require that you prepare like that when there is an actual threat that you need to be worried about. As such this was deemed powergaming.

  • You have an extensive history of issues as command, as well as other issues.


As such we have decided on the following:

  • Medical roleban will be lifted.

  • Command roleban will remain. You may appeal it again in 2 weeks.

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