Adburford's Administration Application


Game Username: adburford 


Discord username : Adburford 


Characters I play: David Burgen 


Hours played: I currently have 70+ hours of gameplay in space station 14 


How many hours a day am I available: I am available 12-24 hours a day 


Available days: every day of the week, any time of the day 


Prior administration: I am currently staff and developer at a roleplay FiveM server called Blue Force and have been for a year now, I am in charge of developing code within the server mods, as well as being a staff director where I monitor and train new staff members or help decide administrative action towards staff if needed, I am also responsible for handling all types of people and reports against them in game and I am known for being very fair with waring’s with rule infractions and making sure all punishments are equal to the severity of the infraction, and I also have experience dealing with troublemakers trying to troll other community members and ruin their experience. I am fully fluent with TXAdmin and discord, Feel free to ask me about this 


      Long answer questions:


What role do admins serve: admins are to monitor the day to day operations such as enforcing all rules, helping out with in game reports or problems as well as enforcing discord rules and handing tickets in discord, a admin role can also sometimes be a role with authority to direct and command lower staff members if needed. 


My current roleplay status opinion: it has been a great experience with lots of people trying to each other as well as some people taking their job seriously where they should and the entertainment job people are super creative with the jokes and pranks they make in order to make people laugh. people are also very in character making everything more immersive, All department have great advantages with their jobs as well as their irreplaceable needs for the station


Why do I want to join the administration team: I would like to volunteer my time and become a administration team member to further the enjoyment service to everyone making sure nobody is ruining the game for anyone else, I want to be able to handle tickets in discord and help people in game if asked, mainly I want to ensure the great experience you have here with everyone who plays on these servers.

Application accepted, good luck during your trial period. Welcome to the admin team!

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