Admin Application: AjexRose

In-game Username: AjexRose
Discord username: Rose The Interloper#0754
Characters you play: Arc Rose (Lizard (LRP)) Arc RoseHuman
How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14?

From a date wise, I cant recall, but I do remember that it was when science had no real method of sciencing and instead just got 100 passive research points. Steam time wise I have 3000+ hours. (although I will admit I have a tendency to leave ss14 launcher open, so its more realistic to say I have about 300-750 hours in)

How many hours are you available per day/Days you are available on:: currently I can be on 4 hours during Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, while I can be on for about 4-12 hours on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Although I will admit this is up to change given university scheduling and my current attempts to seek employment. 

Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this:

I do not have any administration experiences that would be considered valid (unless being the owner of RP chat in Kik counts)

Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before?

I will not lie. Yes I have. It was around the time of the Ripley I got a ban for murdering the captain as a nonantag. I will add that I was cooperative once the realization of what I did hit me and immediately informed admins of what I have done. I didn’t make a appeal because I felt then and feel now that it was deserved of me to get banned for such a pointless action which stemmed from a fault that the captain had no say in. 

There was then a ban for just 1-3 hours (I forgot the duration) for spamming join attempts during a full lobby. I didn’t know that was a problem. However in hindsight it makes sense given that admins need to look into the logs for information and me clogging it with join attempts doesn’t help them much.

(if these bans are the reason my application is rejected, I would like to ask for any way to prove I can redeem myself and show that I can be a good admin despite the bans)

This is the more essay-y part of the application, you should answer the following questions in detail, so we can get a better idea of how you’d approach adminning.

What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?

The job of admins is to make sure the game is fun. Now, of course most people when they think that consider the admemes and adminbus. The funny Ian glowing or the deathsquad being deployed for a fun event round that can bring enjoyment to both new and old players without ruining the LRP experience, but the most important part about it is the moderation and reporting. The job of admins to ensure as many people can have fun and enjoy the game by finding those who may be ruining the experience for others. This can be done with aHelps, and personal moderation by the admins. but also from the viewing of chat and action logs can admins gain a fuller picture of what occurred and how to properly deal with it.

While bans are most certainly a quick way to punish a person, it is often not the best way. Some times bans are not proportional to the incident. Other times it can just be imcompentance and inexperience which can lead to these incidents instead of malice. Verbal warnings and dealings with them in character are often times the best way to deal with people because and possibly even recover the situation for everyone involved. 

How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?

I will be honest. Both LRP and MRP feel a bit lack luster of roleplay in general. Its no fault of admins, maintainers, or contributors, but rather the mind set of the playerbase. Salamander, the official designated roleplay server, Is often quite empty. This is because of the whitelist needed to get in, and the higher expectations of the server. The low count often means that people who do have access don’t want to go into Salamander because why would they? Lizard has a lot more people in it. 

Lizard, the officially designated LRP server, is often the most full English server on the SS14 launcher. This often means that there are people who the community doubts “shitters”, which can be described as players who try to ruin the experience for other players or departments without reason. This ranges from small incidents such as clowns who break into departments to play instruments or steal a small item or two, to players who make it their sole mission to torment departments by destablizing critical assets of theirs. (examples; Bolting sec doors and cutting the bolt wire, stealing enzyme from chefs, breaking into chem and clearing all the meds-in-progress from the ChemMaster4000). There is also incidents involving metagrudging (the act of taking actions for or against another player for acts committed in the previous round) and metacomming(the act of communicating to another player in the game using 3rd party sources(examples: discord)). Over all these weaken the LRP experience as those who join often find themselves either being continuously harassed or experiencing events that could have only happened by breaking the rules. 

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?

My primary reasons are as follows:

I wanna make LRP less of a mess and clean it up a bit so that new people that join the game dont have to fear being told to go away or fear reprecussions for actions they don’t know how todo or even knew were possible in the first place. There are games and times that have made people quit the game, permanently move to Salamander or Nyanotransen or quit certain jobs and departments out of stress and the sense of hopelessness because of players acting in bad faith, and I want to try to make sure future players don’t have to experience that.

With each day that comes, slowly but surely more people are starting to find this little game, and with more people, a influx of bad actors and “shitters” will come around to try and ruin the experience for others. I want to help ensure that bad actors don’t get away with their actions for very long, and that they face the full extent of administration “law”. This also includes the appeals, as surely with more people coming in, more people will be getting banned from the game, and will need admins to help view whether or not their appeals are satisfactory for unbannings. 

Thank you for viewing my application, may your days be many and your woes few. 

Application accepted!

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