Admin application of Myctai

Major disqualifying factor: I do not have Discord and will not use it, at least until I can use it over Tor without giving it phone number. I take privacy very seriously.

Feel free to shelve this application over that unless communication with me over ASAY in game, via this forum or Tox (distributed instant messaging protocol, libre software, offers E2EE) are acceptable alternatives.

Bridging Discord with IRC (server with TLS available and allowing Tor usage, kinda tricky to get secure), XMPP MUC (fairly old open standard, still nice) or Matrix (kinda dislike that overengineered thing, yet it’s open standard with libre software clients available; it follows Discord design pretty closely) rooms also look like good options to me, but this will require significant work on your end.

In-game Username: Myctai
Discord username: None!
Characters you play: currently just Lindy Young, usually seen as chemist busy making some chemstacked pills

How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14?
About 4 thousand hours online in BYOND SS13, bulk being tgstation and rest being couple other servers based on tgcode.
First SS14 Launcher startup at Jun 13 2022 but no idea how much time I spent with it exactly.

How many hours are you available per day & days you are available on?
I have no fixed schedule and my online time is likely to be pretty erratic. But unless I get burned out, expect to see me playing or observing pretty damn regularly.

Prior administration experience is not verifiable and I am not willing to disclose explicit details about. Some stuff that involved me performing moderator actions:

  • Co-owner of popular Counter-Strike 1.6 server, main problem I dealt with here were sneaky cheaters
  • Public Garry’s Mod sandbox server I ran personally, biggest thing was dealing with griefers ruining fun for builders or straight up trying to crash server with physics
  • Payday 2 personal lobbies (measly 4 players including host), gazillion cheaters to be found and removed
  • Not direct moderator action yet SS14-related is composing countless adminhelp tickets for admins of various BYOND SS13 servers and Wizard’s Den. Those include:
    • Reports for events I perceive as potentially rule-breaking and events I am not affected by directly
    • Reports for things from past I find via chat backlog, public server logs (tgstation-specific) and demo viewing (Yogstation-specific)
    • Bug reports (barely doing that bit anymore as I finally managed to get GitHub account, this been a problem before)

Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before?
Never had bans of any type during my 4 thousand hours spent with BYOND, yet did get few notes on tgstation I ultimately disagree with.

No bans during my time with SS14 either.

What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?
Admins foremost are to handle issues game code is unable to. People deciding that they are better than RNG at picking whenever they get to antagonize other players. Designated by game antagonists being a bit too good at ruining round. Non-antagonists being a bit too good at eliminating antagonists. Game code straight up breaking and griefers taking advantage of exploits to ruin fun for others.

I appreciate admins running game events that are well planned and executed. Yet here and on tgstation there been way too many examples of buttonmashing that is immersion-breaking, fun only for ghost role player involved or no one and prompts salt about admin. One has to buttonmash with responsibility and think whenever players will find event fun.

How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?
Rather good! Minus occasional immersion-breaking behavior of some players, many already choose to act like plausible crewmember of sci-fi research station, minus some bureaucracy.

I am wary of restrictions usually imposed by “MRP” rulesets on crewmembers and antagonists, yet I know what happens when there’s none: rampant murderboning and validhunting that are fueling each other, as seen with “LRP” of tgstation. I don’t see this happening on Lizard much.

I do think one has to exercise extreme caution with “MRP” balancing, lest one ends up with antagonists being afraid to hurt wrong player or non-antagonists afraid to oppose antagonist, conflict dying down and as result nothing fun happening beside players enjoying sandbox game mechanics.

I also loathe “HRP” style of Baystation, I don’t think what it demands from players is necessary to have fun with game, it’s not my thing.

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?
I would like to fulfill primary function of admin and handle issues caused by other players myself, as opposed to spamming adminhelp. I am not reluctant to read logs to reconstruct events from past and I hope to reduce amount of people who are having fun at expense of others and refuse to learn from mistakes.

I also would like to collect adminhelp bug reports to shrink the gap between players and coders with ultimate goal being a very polished game: players are very likely to spot issues, but not that likely to create GitHub issue tracker ticket for it

Not having a discord account and your refusal to get one (as noted by your comments on github) singlehandedly kills your chances at getting on the team, because all of our communication is done through discord. A discord account is effectively mandatory for you to apply because without it we do not have a way to consistently contact you, and we are not going to create a special solution for you.

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