[Admin Name Unknown] ss14 username: Tireless_steel

So i was roleplaying and ynow being crazy n’ shit and i remembered the steam rules or sumthin i cant remember said minimum age was 13 so i was like "hm. maybe if i say im 13 ill get better/worse roleplay, ill see what happens so i type in the chat “yo im 13 btw” and 2 min later boom i banned aparently the server was um 16 or older and im 17 so i actually qualify to play sooo

also server was wizzard den lizzard us west 

please unban i love this game!!

Use the appeal template



Never mind. You’re not over 16.

As stated in your previous appeal, reach out to an admin in our discord for age verification if you’re 16 or older.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals