[ Admin Unsure ] SS14 username- Junglistunite

SS14 account: Junglistunite
Character name: Generated username or possibly - Rachel Khoo, Scotty Haroldson ( i did not use a set character name )
When was the ban:    A while ago approx 3 days
Server you were playing on when banned: Eu 1/2 
Your side of the story:   when playing a few days ago i @emoted something i admittedly should not have too a stranger in the game. looking back upon what i did/said i regret it very much as at the time i considered it nothing but with thought i have came to realise it could have been taken in an offensive manor and upset the person whom was involved in game. after i got perma banned i took too the discord to say the situation and talk to the admins about it and i did and they explained to me the severity of what i had done and at this point it was when i noticed this in the rules had been changed ( ERP is now red outlined )   so after learning about this i publicly apologised on the discord hoping the player in question would see it and be able too tell that i show genuine remorse as in the moment this was something of a joke but i know fully realise this is a major rule i broke and i would never do something like this again because this is a game i have played alot since i have been able too and i waited for a long long time since i could never work the original beyond client.
Why you think you should be unbanned: in summary to this question plainly and simply i have learned my lesson and the error of my ways, not just too be able to play this game again and be welcome to play on the servers with people i have come to enjoy the company of and playing with but also because what i did was not nice and simply not at place in this game. i am in full agreement why i got banned permanently i do not contest it but i am making this appeal because i wish to be part of this community again as a more reformed player 

Anything else we should know:  yes i will also like to say this is not my first ban as it will be noted i was also banned on the 2nd day of playtesting many weeks ago now for being self antag and this again was a clear violation of the rules i learned after and is something i had learned from as after my ban was up i did not do that again as i was now aware of that being a serious rule and i learned from my ban.  i will also admit i was at my computer waiting to play on the minute the ban was up because i was so keen to play so that is why i am doing my best to convey my genuine remorse for this event and swear too read the rules everytime i load the game to play if i am unbanned so i will be sure never to commit a bannable offence again.

thank you to the admins for explaining to me on the discord at the time and showing professionality with the situation and i really do hope i get to board the ship again as theres no other game like this or that i would like to play right now.  even at the very least please could i request the ban be set to timed not perma so i can atleast have some hope   :frowning:   

Looking at the ban reasons, i see:

  • “puts finger in guys bumhole up front”. ERP.
  • killed clown because “fuck him”, when told he was gonna sit the playtest out responded with “no i am playtesting it fuckwad”. feel free to appeal on the forum

Now given i had half an aneurysm just giving that text a quick glace, feel free to appeal again and put actual effort into spelling and punctuation. I’m not reading through three novel-sized sentences, especially not for someone which showcases behavior like yours.

Denied, feel free to open a more high-effort appeal to show you care.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals