[Admin Username Unknown] SS14 Username - The_Great_Wizard

SS14 account: The_Great_Wizard
Character name: Mime
When was the ban: Somewhere around 13:00-17:00 on the 14th of Nov
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]
Your side of the story: I had just gotten on and was walking around the hall as an assistant. I just randomly see some dude gun down 2 other people. Don’t really remember what happened but he was screaming at me for smth and then proceeds to shoot at me but runs out of ammo. He tries quickly disposing the gun in a trash thing but I use a taze baton I found to stun him. I just walked away afterwards, didn’t really care at the time cuz its an average day of SS14. I get a message from staff saying why I did it, and I explain. Hes like “yeye fair enough” or smth but keeps pushing me like like I just committed homicide irl. The admin says, as I quote (or smth similar) “you had a conversation with the dude that shot you so its your fault…” Ah yes. I genuinely thought it was a joke at first so I just said ok. I don’t get another message for like 4 or 5 minutes so I assume its resolved (BTW the admin took fucking 10minute intervals between each message. Like I have respect towards you guys but how can u expect someone to think a convo is still going on 10 MINUTES AFTER THE LAST WORD WAS SAID) I leave the server and now I try to get back on and I’m banned. Kinda confused ngl because it almost felt like the admin was friends with the dude that shot me and really wanted to help his buddy out or smth, cuz it was the most mediocre fucking incident in the history of SS13 and 14. Like uv got people blowing up chemistry on repeat every round and I get banned for stunning someone who shot me? Anyway yeah, I think this is my version.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Idk I make some good meth in medbay, and I’ve got some good tunes on MIDI instruments. No for real I think it was just dumb and with all due respect I think the staff that handelled my case could have done it better.
Anything else we should know: Uh. SS14 good :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m Streaky Haddock the Game Administrator that banned you. I am also going to be the one who handles your appeal.


I do apologise for the lack of clarity in my communications and the lengthy time between responses, in incidents like this I have to speak to several people at once and cross-reference with what hard evidence I may have. So yes, when you logged out I didn’t view it as you trying to escape the ban, but it did effectively end my ability to question you further and I was the only admin on that server at the time.

During my questioning and speaking with several witnesses, it was determined that none of what you told me was true.

The shooting had stopped long before you responded. There was plenty of living people around, with only two casualties. Zed said ‘Do not Clone them’. You asked: ‘Which?’. The CMO had put his gun away, was putting the person he had just killed into disposals and didn’t respond, to which your response was to begin stripping the scientist that the CMO had been pulling. 

Fair enough. 

What happened next was the CMO told you to stop, and put everything back. Your response was to ask ‘which person’, and then the CMO told you to put everything back ‘or else’. Yes, he threatened you but that threat was precluded upon a reasonable request. Put back everything that was on a body in the care of the Chief Medical Officer.

Your response was to wordlessly, immediately beat him with a stunbaton on harm intent until you were interrupted. 


The reason why the ban is permanent is because not one element of your story was backed up by witnesses. In addition, I record my rounds and now I have gone back to review the clip, I can see the full extent of how misleading your story is.

I’ll provide evidence of my chat log with you, and my recorded footage in the interest of transparency after this post.






So as a result, I need to hear a better unban justification than: “I make good meth, i have good midis and the ban is dumb”

If I don’t get a response by Sunday, i’ll be closing the appeal.

Appeal closed due to inactivity.

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