Aexxy#0007 - Banned for unrealistic speaking, leaving during AHelp, Using lethals

SS14 account username: Aexxy

Ban reason: Failure to adhere to realistic speaking, jumping to lethals before non-lethals on a non-dangerous target, in-character chat in OOC, and leaving during ahelp questioning.
Date of ban: 5/12/23
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: I was saying things like OwO in command radio to mess with the HoP, and he threatened to kill me. I kept doing it. He later came into atmos and shot me to death. He then said in LOOC “Now time to get AHelped and banned” and I replied “I won’t AHelp you, just clone me.” This is where I was supposedly talking in-character in OOC. When I was cloned, the HoP swapped our PDAs and claimed to not have it. I used my sabre on him to put him into crit and take it back. Finally, I did not intentionally leave during questioning. I had to get to sleep earlier than usual and got off when I was killed by another player. The admin had not contacted me in over 10 minutes, so I figured he was finished talking with me.
Reason the ban should be removed: I do not believe I should be banned for these reasons, as I primarily think a majority of this was a misunderstanding. As for the AHelp questioning, I will make sure the Admin is finished speaking with me from now on. I will also remember to “forget” the events leading up to being cloned, even if it was done as a joke originally. Finally, I will speak in a more realistic manner.

As an edit, It is not actually a permanent ban. It is an appeal ban. Apologies.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal.

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