Alarmed - Banned for metacomms

Ban reason: Meta-Comms
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: Ill try to do my best to describe it, however this was 7 months ago so it is foggy. From what I remember, I was in a VC with my friend, we had been playing on this server for awhile together, (not metacomming before this event) He was on the same time as me, so I called him and we were chatting, nothing about the round just chatting. Eventually I asked what he was doing because I was curious, I didnt plan on acting on that information. He said that he was in the HoPs office before they left their window open and ID in the computer. I jokingly said, you should give me AA. He said, sure as long as I roleplay it. So I went over to him, and we roleplayed why I should get AA from him, and he gave it. Eventually, captain called the shuttle even though it was against popular vote, so RD had made a comms computer, and told me to recall the shuttle, cause they knew I had AA. I recalled, everyone cheered on radio, then captain called it again, and it was a huge back and forth. Eventually he orders sec to find me, sec does find me, but they wanted the shift to continue, so they didnt do anything to stop me. Eventually while the recall battle was going on, I got bwoinked. I was asked how I got access to comms console. (I was a mime) I told him I blackmailed the RD for it, (we did RP doing that, so I wasnt lying) while I was talking with him, my friend also got bwoinked and got a temp ban for giving me access. I said to the admin that the RD shouldnt be punished for it cause I blackmailed him ingame. The admin got aggressive saying stuff like “howd you know he was banned” etc. And after a bit of back and forth, I got perma banned.

Reason the ban should be removed: Ever since I got banned 7 months ago, I have been playing on other servers, a main one being nyanotrasen, currently known as Delta-V. I havent had any issues here, for the seven months Ive been playing. I rarely talk to my friend aswell since we are both busy. Currently I am a game admin for Delta-V, so I have a much better understanding and interpretation of rules. I regret what I did, but I know that it will no longer be and issue anymore. I have had plenty of time to learn and advance my roleplaying skills. Aswell as even gain an administrative position. 

I think this ban has been more than long enough and I think you know where the issue lies. Don’t let it happen again. Accepted.

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