AlphaBravo21 - 8 Angry words

SS14 account username: AlphaBravo21
Ban reason: Told another player - [I hope you burn IRL]
Date of ban: 01/17/2001
Length of ban: Indefinite
Events leading to the ban: The whole game I am being terrorized by sec. Eventually I’m given the go ahead by one to do my thing. All I did was seal myself in a room so I could AFK for a while while I took care of my cats. I’ve been told to kill myself IRL, burn IRL, have my house bombed IRL, by your players. If that isn’t allowed make it apparent cause apparently I’m not the only one who didn’t get the memo. Unlike the person who got me in this position however I don’t cry about it and get people banned because I know that they are just some rando on the internet that cant do shit and are probably justifiably pissed off.
Reason the ban should be removed: I was pissed off, people say shit when their mad. If you had spent the last hour and a half setting up a nice inflatable pool only for someone to pop it, you’d be pissed too. A permaban is way overkill. Not only that but Nyan banned me as well for using my IRL name, so by banning me here you basically ban me from SS14 as a whole since there are only two options for US servers. I’m not a bad person, just a victim of a series of bad incidents that led to one outburst. Ask players about Orion Byrd. I’m sure they’d know who your talking about and will be exclusively positive, hell I almost always have the pacifist trait on.

As a sidenote: I’ve brought a few friends to this game too. May not be much but there are hardly any players right now so I know every little bit helps. This game has incredible potential that can and will be ruined if it falls into the same trap as Overwatch where you get temp banned for so much as saying “Fuck”. don’t be blizzard, be better. There really isn’t anything else like this and it’d be shameful to see this game go down this path. I trust you guys to at least undo it’s permanent nature. If you don’t even get so much as a warning and you just kick people from the game on their first mistake then why let us risk communicating anyway, make us choose from predetermined lines. Lines will always be crossed. Its not like I called him a slur; a permaban is extremely uncalled for. No matter how well written your restrictions on speech are, there will always be an undeniable gray area that could be pushing it.

17 minutes ago, AlphaBravo21 said:

I’ve been told to kill myself IRL, burn IRL, have my house bombed IRL, by your players.

You should be reporting this.

4 minutes ago, Stealth16 said:

You should be reporting this.

I never bothered because I never take offense. I will in the future if you guys give the game back, but that just feels immoral considering they did not hurt me. That’s like getting life sentence for jaywalking. What you did was wrong, but no one else was being harmed. Again I will in the future, it just didn’t seem like a big deal considering how often it occurs.

After receiving information from Nyanotrasen on your ban there we are not interested in having you play on our servers again.

40 minutes ago, AlphaBravo21 said:

I never bothered because I never take offense. 

lol you pming staff relentlessly and throwing a tantrum because you got banned for being named xX’n word’ slayerXx says otherwise

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