AlPyhyiehmThePith - Hitler RP in cargo orders, Cargonia

SS14 account username: AlPyhyiehmThePith
Ban reason: Hitler RP in cargo orders, Cargonia

Date of ban: As of writing this it’s around 2h after the ban (27/02/2023)
Length of ban: Forever, appeal only.

Events leading to the ban: My name was Ady Schicklgruber, and my character looked like Hitler (I couldn’t resist the temptation when i saw the square moustache cosmetic), I was a service worker and got bored, I went to cargo to get weed (Botany was completely empty), when i got there, cargo somehow got 1M $ and we started buying things, everyone was excited, we bought guns, no one used them, and i guess because someone noticed my character and the station was already semi-doomed i said something like “let’s make Deutschcargonia great again !” I forgot about this and continued the game, I made it to the escape shuttle waited till the round end pop up and used the gun i got from cargo, fun round. enter next round, i was bartending and noticed that botany was empty for the secon time, so i went to HoP to get botany access and plant the weed I wanted to plant all along (went to cargo and actually got weed), this was 10 mins or so into the round and then i got banned for the reasons I stated above.

Reason the ban should be removed: I get why what i did could be considered wrong, and i would’ve immediately stopped had i been told to do so, however i got no warning nor a timed ban, it seemed to me that other players didn’t mind so i didn’t think much of it. Moreover, looking at the “Zero tolerance rules”, (correct me if my understanding is inaccurate) i dont seem to fall into any of the categories, i never insulted anyone or practiced IC Specism. if the ban cannot be removed i only ask for it to be timed at a reasonable duration. thanks.

As for Cargonia, no one really followed with it, we were saying “cargonia” just because cargo was filthy rich and the statin was about to be doomed.

Making your character look like one the most infamous people in recent history most well known for attempting genocide and playing into it by putting “make Germany great again” on your cargo orders would pretty squarely be in terrible taste. 

After discussion with the administration team, we have collectively decided to deny this appeal. You don’t seem to realize that making your character look like Hitler, using the last name “Schicklgruber” (a name used by Adolf Hitler’s father), and then pretending you are part of Nazi Germany would be behavior that is strictly off-limits.

Consensus is to deny this appeal. Re-appeal in two weeks (Feb. 25, 2023).

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