An updated version of space law

I have customized the current version of space law to feature items I feel like will fit in both the LRP and MRP servers while clearing up a lot of issues I had with the change.

These are not just my ideas but this is my implementation of it. This is a lot of copying and pasting from SOP while keeping in line with having one space law for both MRP & LRP.

Things changed:

  • I have added a clear definition of what a warrant is and who is authorized to approve one.
  • I have re-added “Docking and Visitors” in its entirety from SOP. I feel that if we are going to have random events that include visitors now it would be best to have space law reflect that.
  • I have rewritten the first paragraph of sentencing as I felt it was very vague and caused a lot of issues. With my version of space law an officer can sentence past 15 minutes but only for a perm-able crime, stack-able charges and more complex space-law dealings should be relegated to warden or HOS.
  • I have re-added the “High Security Areas” list from SOP and removed any mention when these areas can be bolted. I feel that this gives a good list for what a secure area is and still works for both LRP and MRP servers.
  • I have also changed the note for secure trespass to reflect the secured area list

Things missing from SOP:

  • In order to keep this space law available for both LRP and MRP I purposefully left some things out from SOP
  • There is no mention of Medical Evaluations
  • There is no mention of Research Operations
  • There is still no mention of alert procedure.

Things for discussion:

  • I think alert procedure is a good idea, and should be kept in space law. But I think it could also be solved as a gameplay feature. Each alert level could have a more verbose description in order to explain the rules of the alert level.
  • I think we could leave out Docking and Visitors BUT I do think it’s a good idea to keep in. I think this would work well in an LRP environment as it not only gives incentive for visitors to behave well but it also clears up a lot of issues with Syndicate Refugees who in my experience have had lots of issues with being treated poorly or not being trusted. With this security could search and validate wether or not they were a threat IC.


This is all my opinion, I took some ideas from Games_Sweat_Shop rule rewrite discusion. As well as ParadiseGamerz discussion on space law after the change.

I doubt this is the correct way for me to look for change to space law but I’m not really sure how else to do it and I hope this post will lead to some discussion.

My version of space law can be be seen here

(post deleted by author)

(post deleted by author)

Removed space-station-14

If you login to our wiki and after logging in go to Special:MyPage/Space_Law, it will redirect you to a subpage of your user page where you can post your version. Don’t go to the link before logging in, it’ll take you to your IP address’ page and you might unintentionally reveal your IP if you edit that page

Sweet. I will add that link and remove my images. Thanks for the help

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For anyone wanting a diff view, here is the diff between @BRINGit34’s version and the live version at the time of writing Space Law and User:BRINGit34/Space Law: Difference between pages - Space Station 14 Wiki

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Do note that this will not be my final version of this. I am hoping for discussion in this thread so that I can buff out issues or oversights.

Thank you,

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one thing i liked about the old spacelaw that i would like to see return, is that the HoS also isn’t allowed to approve their own warrants and would either need to go to the relevant department head, or the captain

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Okay lets discuss. I think this could very easily go either way.

I’d say my opinion on the matter is kind of unpopular but I feel as if the HOS is over everyone when it comes to security matters in order to reduce inter-departmental politics getting in the way.

I would, for example, trust most HOS’s to arrest the captain if they were in violation of space law.

But with a lack of chain of command I don’t think my opinion really holds water anymore. I will more than likely make an adjustment to this for the time being.

I do want to point out though that it’s not my opinion that matters in this. I feel like a lot of the issues in new space law could have been avoided with a lot of community feedback before it’s implementation. So I am going to gauge support on these types of things and see what the community wants most.

Thank you for your feedback on this

hmm yea, along with that it’s also probably a good idea to re add something along the lines of “if the captain is deemed to be unfit for their role, a stamped paper from all current department heads can be used to demote the captain”

and with chain of command, it’s pretty easy to figure out who’s in what place
cap->hop/department heads->crew. but it could be useful to have it written down as the “standard chain of command”

lastly, it’s definitely important to have a bunch of the community read over it and state their opinions before it’s implemented, and to make sure BOTH the MRP and LRP communities have done so (since it will effect both)

i can see how that would make sense, but also the captain is the head of the station, making it somewhat their responsibility to make sure that the HoS isn’t writing bullshit warrants that the HoS wrote and approved then and there

I think that would be the best way to get around wondering if what they are doing is legal. But it also feels like it’s not a space law issue. It feels like something that should be relegated to an SOP if it’s ever added back to MRP.

I intend on getting as many opinions as I can about this. I am unsure if my version will ever be implemented into the game but I can try.

I don’t know if anyone else is working on updating space law and I feel that it has enough issues as it stands to warrant some work done on it and I hope I can improve it somewhat or add some discussion for the next implementation of it.

This is another thing, I’m also a fan of SOP and I would like to see it’s return.
so i wouldn’t be surprised (as pointed out here) that a lot of what i say would be a better fit for a new SOP

I do feel that warrants should be defined in order to ensure legal searches and accountability.

And that the authority of the warrant should be specified to reduce confusion as to what warrants are legal and which ones aren’t.

I think for now I will adjust the warrant listing so that it says

"The Head of Security can approve any warrant, with the sole exception being of a warrant for any command staff member. A warrant for a command staff member requires a warrant stamped by the majority of command. "

I’ll clean up the wording some cause that is confusing as hell

that could work, or as i was reading it, “Warrants written by the Head of Security must be looked over by the Warden, Captain, or relivent department head”
which would prevent the head of security alone writing a warrant for something that just happened in front of them, but removes the annoyance of needing to chase down the current station’s captain.
I’m not particularly worrying about captain demotions, as that’s fairly rare. But rather making sure that all warrants are looked over by at least 1 other person

Yeah that’s a better solution. I like that if we do it that way it makes HOS and Warden both rely on working with each other for warrants. I will append that change now

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I think a discussion on court would be good to have in this thread as well. In old space law you were entitled to a court hearing for bad enough crimes.

A lot of people really dislike court RP. I think for this to be a good space law for LRP and MRP court should remain an IC issue and not something mentioned in space law.

My main issue with court as it stands is that a witness or someone related to the court case can be removed from whatever they were doing for upwards of 20 minutes. Court is just far too long of a process to allow lawyers or prisoners to force others into it.


Also if anyone wants anything to discuss I have some discussions listed on my version of space law. If you just go here you can see them.

These are just random ideas I’ve had an am looking for opinions

To my knowledge, this wasn’t in the initial version of Space Law, but I think that Chemistry should be a Secure Area restricted to Medical (or even just Chemists and CMO). A dude sneaking in after a chemist and dumping potassium into water, tossing jugs, or just fucking with the Chemmaster is really irritating, and having it properly down as Space Law might help with that.

Also, might want to add that the Captain is exempt from Secure Trespass. Yes, it’s obvious, but law is law, and the obvious should be stated.