Another Appeal - Eewa

So, I was unbanned somehow (which surprised me, and I even said in OOC chat if this was an accident or not), and was able to play a round before being banned again. The reason was “unbanned without appeal - vetoed by admins” or something along the sort.


Well I pressed enter and it posted for some reason, I wasn’t finished.

SS14 account: eewa

Byond account: eewa

Character name: Not sure, I use random names - I believe it was Wyatt something.

When was the ban: Today
Server you were playing on when banned: The US West server (Lizard, I think.)

Your side of the story: I had been banned for toxicity two months ago (around that time, at least.) and to my surprise was unbanned today. I had done an appeal very recently (just a few days ago), so I assumed that even though it was denied by metalgearsloth (who said that appealing more isn’t gonna get me unbanned, even though I hadn’t appealed at all yet), another admin figured it was accepted. But nonetheless, I said in OOC chat that I was unbanned somehow and asked if it was a mistake (no response). I played a round and then was banned again for the reason listed above.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Well, for starters, I was banned for being toxic, and I promise I can be kind now. The time I was unbanned I was friendly (aside from a single time where I called the captain dumb in dead chat, because he was killing tons of people for very little reason, even killing one person for not following orders.). I have also been active-ish on the forums, so while this doesn’t mean much, hopefully it’ll show that I’m interested in the game and actually want to play and enjoy it.

Anything else we should know: Please give me another chance, it’s been months and I’m doing anything I can to be unbanned, is there anything I can do if this is denied? Please tell me.

Sorry, adding one more thing:

To the admins who “vetoed” my ban, can I PLEASE talk about it, I truly am sorry for being toxic, and I’ll apologize to any admin who thinks I should remain banned.

I thought I’d give you a chance but clearly your discord behavior still struck a chord with many people and frankly your forum behavior is becoming grating.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals