Appeal for unban

SS14 account: the_cool_man

Character name: I don’t know my brother was playing

When was the ban:  a few minutes ago

Server you were playing on when banned: Server name.  Lizard 

Your side of the story: my brother was playing on my account, it was not my fault

Why you think you should be unbanned: it was not me it was my brother and I will not let him play anymore

Anything else we should know: it was my brother and this is my favorite game

What’s the name of your brother’s account?

he does not have one


Who is not_human69?

You’re trying to convince me that your brother knew to mix potassium and water into a cryobeaker and use the spill liquid action to bomb as a drone without actually having an account in the game.

It’s obvious you didn’t think this through. Re-appeal in two weeks and actually admit what you did- including your ban evasion attempt.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals