Aralia Japonica or Natattack99 - Accused of Metacomming, Lying and Being Aggressive in AHelp

Ban Reason : “Metacommunication. Both lied and was aggressive in AHelp.”

Length of Ban : Unknown.

Events leading to the ban : I reported to the Admin that one of the Chefs, Chug B(something), had locked me (service worker) and someone else (chef) in the freezer room with fridges. The Chef did not appreciate the fact that me and the other chef were in the kitchen. I assume after the Admin’s help, the Chef released us from the freezer. However, he proceeded to aggressively pull me and the other chef out of the kitchen. I resisted, and I told him that the other Chef had every right to be here, and I stayed in the kitchen to make sure the other chef could play the game. He ignored me and continued with aggressive pulling and pushing. Then, I started attacking him so he would stop. When I started attacking him, the other chef attacked with me until the Chef laid on the ground. The Chef was not dead, and lied unconscious. Then, security came and arrested me and the other chef. I asked the Admin for an explanation, but they refused, asked some questions, and banned me.

Reason the ban should be removed : I just wanted to help the other chef to the kitchen, but I saw him getting locked in the freezer. I was doing my role-playing job, and the Chef was very unwelcoming to the other chef. There was no metacommunication, I was not lying, and I was not aggressive in AHelp, as I was accused.




From Ban Appeals to Game Servers

Could you please elaborate on the person you were in the freezer with.
I’m about to process this and the other players appeal to an admin vote but the other party in this has said that they do know you out of game and you were communicating out of game for the purposes of teaching when all of the other drama happened around the other chef.

I’m unsure if maybe there has been a mix up with the players or you have chosen to withhold information or something else but I think the admins taking this in to consideration would look more favorably on honesty.

Was there anything else you would like to add before processing?

There is no mix-up about the other person. I didn’t think that the admins needed to know about my relationship with the other person. To interpret that because I have a relationship with the other person is valid reasoning for metacoms is wrong and absurd.

We know each other outside of the game, as mentioned that we are in a relationship. The only communication we had about the game was BEFORE entering, in which I said I would 1) find him in the lobby, 2) lead him to the kitchen, and 3) point to objects he would need for his roleplay. To reiterate, I was only communicating to him in-game by pointing to objects he needed to play his role. I didn’t teach him any mechanics (because he learned it from a youtube tutorial video), and I just waited until he figured it out.

When the drama was occurring, I was only focused on AHelp and my surroundings to figure out what was going on. The admin’s lack of response and/or help ruined the game for me because not only was the other Chef still being aggressive after locking us in the freezer, but 1) bystanders who knew about the incident didn’t do anything about it; and 2) afterwards, when the Chef was beaten unconscious, they suddenly became hostile to us about beating the Chef.

I’ve never seen a gaming community that delegates authority to someone that cannot provide reasons or feedback for disciplinary action, and prohibits someone to play the game when confronted with escalation. Not to mention, feedback from other players in the game was of much less help. I hope you understand my frustration as someone that is new to the game and to its community.