Are there any useful tips that might come in handy?

basically title.


i’m kinda banned so i can’t really say anything bout this but, if your going as engineer and become atmos engineer, distro = oxygen which you need nitrogen and oxygen for to make air, the mixxer is already set up but the pressure isn’t. all you need to do is enable 5 things and change the pressure on 4 things

Random tips:

  • Don’t rush to grab a bunch of ‘useful’ items and clog up your bag. Grab items as you need them and give away items you don’t need.


  • Often you won’t really need a crowbar if you’re around others who already have them. Doing your role in pairs not only increases your chance of surviving, but also allows you to grab more items.


  • Setting up your workplace with a stash of goodies can also be good, but don’t leave all the essentials there. Depending on the department (cargo, sec, med) your chances of getting bombings, spacings, or having regular gunfights are high.


  • Stashing items in other locations is a must. Communicate with another department you want to leave goodies there/try to get access from their head & HoP just for when shit goes down. Just make up a fun or interesting reason for why you wanna stash stuff. Good rp will usually get yes’s.


  • As warden, fortify the armory as much as possible. Flashes, barricades, extra walls, whatever you can do to prevent anyone breaking into it.