Argie - banned for coup against cap as hos

SS14 account username: argie
Ban reason: coup against captain as HoS.
Date of ban: April 28
Length of ban: Need to appeal
Events leading to the ban: I and the warden of the time tried to coup the captain after a pretext that he tried to get the RD demoted. We cuffed him and tried to bring the cap to the bridge so me(the hos ) and the other heads decide on what to do with him. before that can happen i got killed by the cap after a mime broke his cuffs. That is where my round ended.
Reason the ban should be removed: A few weeks have past without incident  and i have a bit of playtime in the server.(there was a small ones,  where i killed a syndie as a lawer due to him walking around with a syndie gun on his back in the middle of the hall while i knew my lawer friend was a syndie target and i got a told by an admin that i shouldn’t hunt syndies  if i am not sec) 


note: If the time playing without incident is still not enough i would request for the ban to be changed to command only since sec is the department i mostly play other than chemist and medic. Since the inccident in question was as a command role and it wasn’t a random killing nor a random arrest , and also to note the fact i play usualy sec quite well i do think that with me around the rounds will be better since i do the job well and without breaking rules.

It has literally only been one week since your last appeal. In your last appeal, I quoted that you should have at least a minimum of two weeks before you attempt to appeal. My notes on your account recommended at least a month.

We will not be modifying or reducing this ban at this time as you have yet to demonstrate to us you won’t try to do something like attempt to overthrow the captain with no pretext and lie about it in your subsequent appeal. You are still welcome to play Security Officer, which is the only security role besides Cadet you are not currently banned from. Denied.

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