"arguing" second one after the first one was locked since i did not follow the template


SS14 account: ImNotDerpy
Character name: Uhuthal-Raj
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 12 hours (just want to understand reason)
Reason for Ban: “arguing”
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard Den

Your side to the story:
context: Hello, I have recently been banned for “arguing” when I said two things, I also got banned for an unjust reason since there was no warning of this, when moving around I cannot open doors as a vending machine so I move people into the doors so they open, then people got angry started attacking me so made them stuck this was only twice, they said that I had been moved  multiple times (deleted)  but in my case I only got teleported / moves (deleted) once and that was after the second time then I stopped then this conversation happened.

Why you think you should be unbanned:  didn’t get warned once for doing this prior, the admins weren’t clear they warned me then banned me, what’s the point of being warned if I’m banned straight after. in my point of view the only time I got moved / teleported (Deleted) was after the second guy, so I’m confused, why they said multiple when they only did it once.

Anything else: ThunderBear#9834 can vouch for me also, also sometimes i don’t understand things properly

I was a third admin that was present during your banning. Your first life as a vending machine, you repeatedly attempted to crush the captain in an open hallway next to cargo. Several crew members were asking for you to stop and you did not. I froze you in order to get you to stop. You were then ejected for this behavior, and we figured that you’d get the hint that you were bothering several crew members and that wasn’t okay. 

The second incident you were trapping a dude in sec who was also begging for you to stop. Regardless of us warning you or not, I think you can see how you were being an absolute nuisance to those you were bothering. The 12 hour ban is appropriate and as I’m writing this, it’s basically over. 

I think that about sums it up. Trying to get people to open doors or not, doing that by ramming them into doors and getting them stuck on things is being a massive annoyance as a ghost role. Players attacking you (a vending machine) for trying to jostle them around does not enable you exploit physics and jam them in walls.

As litenhead as already stated, this was a 12 hour wrist slap which will expire within the next few hours so you can wait it out.

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