Aussie brits / MetaComm's/ Lying to an admin

SS14 account: aussiebrits
Character name: Grant Alan
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 15/10/22 (im aussie)
Reason for Ban: "MetaComms & lying to an Admin
Server you were playing on when  : Wizard’s Den Lizard
Your side of the story: after being afk and logging back in i found someone with my name just backwards then all of a sudden i was frozen and an admin messaged asking if we were in coms and i replied with *no wtf* then all of a sudden he said “bad choice i was watching you for 7 mins” but if they were in fact watching me they would’ve realized i was AFK for most of that time.   I wasn’t even able to communicate with the admin my side of the story he just Banned me
Why you think you should be unbanned:  i can understand why he would’ve thought we were communicating because what’re the odds of our names being so similar i feel as if it was unfair as i wasn’t able to communicate properly with the admin or plead my case it was  just an instant ban.i believe i should be given the opportunity to join once again as i really enjoy the server and the roleplay it’s the only server I genuinely play and it would be honestly sad to just not be able to play this game anymore (as being in Australia it’s really the only server i can play on without too much lag, the value of bringing me back would honestly be for the Rp element it’s something i take pretty seriously and i try my hardest at any of the job’s unless i have no idea how to do it and that’s when i ask for help. i just think it would be disappointing to throw someone away just because i said no to a question i got asked by an admin… like i was unable to plead my case whatsoever. i personally believe this ban is unfair as 1. i was not able to to provide any evidence to the admin because i was never asked. and also because i was AFK during that 7 min window so i don’t know what i would’ve done that would’ve made it look like i was communicating with anyone outside of this server.

Anything else we should know: N/A

So let’s review all the things that must be true for you to not be blatantly lying here

By coincidence, you and the other user must have submitted strikingly similar names. Alright, fair enough. I can buy that.

You and the other user also went through several maintenance tunnels following each other without exchanging a word. I don’t buy that.

You and the other user went into Atmos, which only one of you had access to, and gave the other user the fire axe from Atmos. Again, without exchanging a word.

and then, at the end of all that, I froze one of you and the other person wordlessly went over to the frozen player and attempted to drag and pull him around. Again, with zero communication between the two of you. It was not until I reached out to you that the two of you actually started talking to each other.

Are you going to tell me that’s all coincidence?

but if you look at our time you would see we would’ve talked for hour’s throughout the server i understand it looks really bad and i even agree i should be more active in the chat but when i saw he had my name we were roleplaying as brothers and to be honest at that point it was my first time in atoms so he was showing me all around and all the tunnels i didn’t think we would have to talk while i was following him. i completely see how it can look like medacomms and i do apologies if i seem like i came off arguing with you at the start i was honestly just very confused in game. i promise from now on to change my name and to also follow all rules stated by your server as i really do not want to be kicked :( 

I will (briefly) be disregarding Stealth16’s take on what he saw you two doing leading up to the ban.

You say you “know it looks really bad and I should be more active in the chat”; seems to imply to me that you know you should have been talking in instances you weren’t because you were passing information along in the background.

You told us to look through the logs; I see a lot of chat from Dingo and not a lot of chat from you. Dingo is primarily interfacing with the crew but all I see the two of you talk about when you seem to talk to one another is illustrating to everyone else that you are brothers and therefore you need special treatment. Here are some very interesting things I came through looking in the logs for the both of you (made easy by your names):

  • You and Dingo both join the station with your strikingly similar names within five minutes of one another
  • You and Dingo find one another within one minute of both of you playing and immediately greet one another as brothers
  • Dingo tells the crew that “his brother will be the confidant in engineering to ensure loyalty”
  • You tell everyone “long live cargonia” (another rule breach)
  • Dingo brings you along to the HoP asking for extra access citing you are brothers
  • You send a station announcement of “PENIS INSPECTION DAY” with your increased access (blatant ERP rule breach, you’d get appealed for this alone)
  • You send a “penis inspection day” message again
  • You play chef and tell everyone “We cook humans here” and go around the station looking for bodies regardless of status to butcher for no reason

This is around where I stopped looking at logs after about 30 minutes. Here are the conclusions I draw from this:

  • The two of you almost assuredly knew of one another and coordinated your gimmick prior to playing
  • The two of you are absolutely metafriending to the degree that it is unfair to other players. You are clearly favoring one another and supporting one another’s endeavors without question and using the accesses of each of your respective jobs to your advantage regardless of how it affects the rest of the station.
  • You blatantly breached the ERP rule twice by sending inappropriate communications console messages
  • You did this over multiple rounds until Stealth16 received an admin-help about it at which point he independently was able to witness it occurring.
  • The chance of this being a massive coincidence over several rounds is practically none, you are more than likely lying to our faces 

Because of this your appeal is absolutely and unanimously denied and you may only appeal again one month from now (11/22/2022), though given this appeal and your offense(s) I am extremely doubtful you will be successful without a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.


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