BadToimz- banned for "excessive lanaguge"and "admin questioning"

the ban told me i can only rejoin through appeal only and it wont be undone,

i said the c word 3  in a row and was told i was gonna need to limit it and when i didnt suck up to the admin he told me that im banned because i “question admin” and had used “excessive langauge” after making a very valid point that saying fuck and or cunt would normally need to be watch around children and made a very valid point that people who are even trying this game have to be atleast 15 who say so much worse in a cod lobby, so I told him that if its so offenseive maybe grow up, as saying those words in the real word is not really a bad thing and that was only caused by toxic sec cus they “taught"me so well by taking my stun sticks, locking them in a room only warden or higher can get it, and not telling me about the secruity glasses being goofed on and having my steel stolen to even make a new stun stick, so when most of them are saying” your a dumbass" or "your stupid and suck at this cadet, or your not really made for this, or you cant really do this well, or classic cadet brain " it kinda gonna piss a dude off.

This ban should be unlifted as I was trying to learn Secrutiy,where in that round the warden literally gave up and said i quit and decided to be a station hobo after shooting someone for no reason, and i do beleive it was a little crude to say they need to grow up, but again it is kinda stupid to be banned for only saying fuck 7 times, dumbass once, and cunt 3 times, all of that not being said at once or even quickly, while everyone else is saying stuff such as this pretty much all the time. i dont think me saying such things effects anyone and the only one who took a issue with it is the admin that banned me with the two rule breaks.

would apperciate the unban have a good one

I think your perception on the word and the admin trying to have a chat with you are a bit twisted.
This game has an international player base and some parts of the world would class ‘cunt’ as excessively vulgar and inappropriate. This isn’t a cod lobby and its not trying to be.
There is no reason to be intentionally vulgar just be cause the other parts of the internet are a cesspit.

Regarding the aHelp, The admin just wanted to get you to calm down as other people were aHelping about it and you were clearly in a heightened state about it and causing issues for other players. 
You then proceeded to be a giant smart arse about it and just tried to wind up the admin and rule lawyer it should be allowed because 15 year olds know about the word, which makes no sense.

I will reduce the current ban down to a week but moving forward don’t be a dick, especially to admins or you will just be permanently banned next time.
Appeal accepted - Ban will expire 19/11/2023

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