Balls_Utilizer | Sexual speech

SS14 account username: Balls_Utilizer
Ban reason: Sexual explicit lanugage
Date of ban: Can’t really remember it, few months ago, i guess.
Length of ban: Permaban.
Events leading to the ban: I was a pAI. I’ve decided to write unconcious horny shit just from boriness.
Reason the ban should be removed: I was a new player that had no clue about any standards here. Months have passed. I have changed. This is my sincere apologies for an inappropriate behavior. Please, allow me to play again - you will never see any stuff like that from me again.


P.S. That was not ERPing, that was just shittalking to my owner. I feel ashamed.

Hi B_U,

We’ve gone over your appeal and have come to a verdict, of which we will be lifting your ban.

Please avoid such remarks in the future, we have a very strict policy of absolutely zero sexual content on our community servers.

The verdict decided is that the next incident of such in a manner of this is a permanent ban.

Welcome back.

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