Ban abbeal

SS14 account username: FatSasquatch
Ban reason: talking about current round on discord 3rb ban in a month
Date of ban: 2023-07-08
Length of ban: appeal ban
Events leading to the ban: some self antagger killed all of engineering with a fire axe the moment the round started on barratry. i got pissed and left, then complained on the discord.
Reason the ban should be removed: what the fuck? talking about current round gets you banned in game? this is such a stupid ban. ive been doing great since i got unbanned last time, no rule breaks, no bwoinks at all. then this stupid shit gets me banned? sorry for having fuckin emotions and wanting to vent. if i knew this shit would get me game banned i wouldnt have done it. why does it get you game banned at all? shouldnt it get you a mute or time out in the discord? i feel like this was done just to fuck with me. i literally dont know what else to say. should i beg? this is straight bullshit that ive started being a non-problematic player for a good while then i get banned for this. “3rd ban in a month” fuck off. god forbid some bullshit happens, everyone in the current round knows, and then i vent about it on the discord for a minute. like, literally what do i say to get unbanned. this is entirely the admins personal choices whether i get unbanned. if i get told to make another appeal in what, 6 months? what difference will it make. its not like ive been a trouble maker since my last ban so me playing the game now or 6 months later, ill be the same player. and like i said earlier, if i knew talking about a current round got you banned IN GAME i would have been a lot more careful and not have done it. “so you knew it was against the rules and you still did it durr” yeah because i was fuckin pissed and i thought id only get in trouble in the discord. i genuinely thought it wouldnt have been a big deal since the situation was so dumb anyways. a dude was begging to get banned, fucked over 4-5 peoples games, and then i go whine about it. god forbid i have emotions. fuck im unbelievably angry right now. ive been trying so hard to clear my record, since i know a month of no issues gets you a clean slate. and this stupid ass fucking bullshit happens. fuck i could go on and on im so angry rn.

whoever banned me has something against me. and whoever that is, fuck you for having zero empathy or care about what your actions would do. 

it literally says nowhere on the discord that talking about a current round gets you a game ban. so as i said, the admin has something against me. 

i regret saying fuck you to whoever banned me. i apologize. emotions got the best of me


Here’s where the discord says not to discuss ongoing rounds. Its right on top, in rules-info. You are not the first person to be game banned over going to discord to complain about something happening in a current round and I venture to guess that you’ve been around long enough to know or have seen someone else get told not to post things about ongoing rounds.

As for your “doing great since your last ban”, that expired barely a week ago. Your bans and notes betray a very frequent in-game problem, in addition to your conduct in discord such as with your last ban where you admitted to “thinking to myself ‘man im totally getting banned for this’”.


And before you accuse me of being the one who banned you and denying your appeal, no. I am not the one who banned you. But clearly we are not going to accept this appeal as a large majority of it is just venting, vitriol, and apparently a statement that you are unlikely to change your behavior (" its not like ive been a trouble maker since my last ban so me playing the game now or 6 months later, ill be the same player.")

Since your last ban was already a week, appeal again in two weeks.

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