Ban Apeal atempt

SS14 account: Deealer
Character name: William death
Type of Ban: captain, hos and most likely hop 
Date of Ban and Duration: permanent
Reason for Ban: Due to hiring guards, Passing role onto librarian,and not following the chain of command.
Server you were playing on when banned: wizards den lizard
Your side of the story: I hired guards as cap since sec was out of line and refused to at least station people by bridge as such I hired the most high ranking people I could find they turned out to have beaten someone up for self defense so sec was after them they soon were in jail for 2 minutes and we cut ties. I then obtained an assistant to help me deal with the heads and there problems how ever I had to go and since hop was iced cmo had his own problems qm and rd werent responding and hos was just weird I gave it to my assistant to leave and go to a party for a family member. I also did give the assistant cap clothes no important items till I left he was the most sane person in that moment. I then got tol dI was incompetent for dealing with what I had and was told I was perma banned from cap and then threatened me to be perma banned from hos as well despite having no evidence against my hos play time.
Why you think you should be unbanned: as cap before I have helped people through nuclear operatives and helped repair damage from multiple explosions I am a team player and sure that wasn’t my best round but I adapt I have been able to help people survive when the station got split into half’s and I am just a good person from what I have done. I feel like a perma ban was unfair I will accept a shorter ban but I didn’t see why a perma ban was required for  multiple jobs that he had no evidence on.
Anything else we should know: I also sorta have lore in that server everyone knows William Death unless they just joined and its part of my character.

ok are any admins gonna reply or what


I would like it if my apeal was heard


It hasn’t even been two hours yet. If you’d like a definitive answer before we discuss things, I can deny this right now. Otherwise, wait.

This behavior you’re displaying here is a good example of why you were removed from important roles and it does not inspire much confidence in me for your appeal.

sorry I was just n the moment at the time how ever this is not related to the game at all in what I did just to be clear


Closing this as the user is now gamebanned.

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