BAN APPAEL (vovards) (N-word usage) REVİSED x3

SS14 account username: vovards
Ban reason: cuz i said NOGGER. btw its ice cream brand in my not some pathetic racist. 
Date of ban: around july ı cant remember exactly
Length of ban: perma?!
Events leading to the ban: i was just hanging around literally doing nothing.then i said nugger out of nowhere thats mb. i didn’t expect you to think like that way.then suddenly i got perma ban.
Reason the ban should be removed:well its been almost 7 months. and i wont spell that brand name again i can asure you.



Per your last appeal you require a voucheṙsed-x2/&do=embed&comment=3300&embedComment=3300&embedDo=findComment

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