Ban appeal after the Requested date

SS14 account username: argie
Ban reason: coup against captain as HoS.
Date of ban: April 28
Length of ban: Need to appeal
Events leading to the ban: I and the warden of the time tried to coup the captain after a pretext that he tried to get the RD demoted. We cuffed him and tried to bring the cap to the bridge so me(the hos ) and the other heads decide on what to do with him. before that can happen i got killed by the cap after a mime broke his cuffs. That is where my round ended.
Reason the ban should be removed: The time that was specified before hand by staff has passed.I feel that i have reflected on the reasons and i do anounce that the event won’t happen again by my hand.

Where were you told and by who when your ban would end? Also, why did you try to forge a paper from the captain saying to demote the RD?

hm to denounce him ofc. It was against the rules what i did. Won’t happen again. Can’t say anything more. 

Where were you told and by who when your ban would end?

If i remember this shift, you asked captain if they had their stamp before leading them in the shooting range before disabling cuffing AND muffling them. you also tried to turn every security workers again Captain AND stolen their stamp to forge RD firing notice.
You did not tried to bring them to bridge but wanted to execute them on the spot inside of Brig.
In the end one of your officer?(don’t know why this mime wore security equipment) decided to do what was right and stun baton/disabler and cuff you, what happen after was mob justice but this should be justified after what you put them through.

Admin consensus is to accept this appeal, but we will be replacing it with an appeal-only Command roleban, as well as appeal-only rolebans from Warden and Detective. Its been a significant amount of time from the incident but given the nature of it and this appeal we aren’t confident you won’t immediately be an issue again.

If you have a few weeks of issue-free playtime you may appeal your new rolebans separately. This appeal is accepted.

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