Ban appeal atempt

 when i JSS14 account: Deealer
Character name: William Death/Rick Sun
Type of Ban: game ban/command ban
Date of Ban and Duration: permanent until appeal
Reason for Ban: explanation + Inconsistent pattern of gameplay
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard and all other official servers
Your side of the story: I got banned for what can be called inconsistent in my own eyes that can be seen as human error and not just incompetency its not the same mistake but its a rule brought up in highlight most even weren’t on command most were zombies This is my second time being yelled at as command since first time was a ban for opening fire against enemies who had guns as hos which turned into a big misunderstanding. This time it was simply for making a dumb cap move in a rush sure I have done things in the past how ever this is one of the few times I screwed up as command. Then I got in trouble for trying to become aa mime and got roped into this captains guard thing when I just wanted aa for my syndicate plans.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Well I am actually a guy who experiments and has lead to some unique situations. In an earlier round I was in charge of a rebellion against nuclear operatives when the crew wanted to give up. I also feel like it was a bit over exaggerated to perma ban me from roles I have barely tried like rd. I play science and I am good at it but now I cant lead sci or hop I haven’t played a lot of it but I show genuine care for the role I have only “committed crimes” as hos and technically cap as Ce the only "crime I have committed is being afk when I told everyone. I also am one of the few people that some how saves engineering when the rest of engi pull a stupid and atmos like me have to come in and do their job. As such I ffeel like I ad to the community and I feel as if I can get a reset on working towards the heads again at least and I would like to play the game at least since it’s been 3 weeks It is about to be 4 I feel as if I have served my time away from roles.
Anything else we should know: I provide a lot to the experience and have friends that play the server we don’t acknowledge that we know each other ooc in a round.
appeal, include it here

You are currently appeal banned for trying to blatantly evade your command rolebans. That will have to be addressed first before we even entertain the thought of lifting your command rolebans.


Unanimous vote is to deny this appeal. Your appeal is almost completely illegible and you don’t seem to actually admit you’ve done anything wrong and I can’t actually tell where your train of thought ends or begins.

Like I said, before we even think about lifting command bans, you should start to explain why you thought it was a good idea to evade your command ban in the first place and why we might be able to trust you won’t try to do it again.

Appeal again in a week (11/02/22).

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