Ban appeal (command banned)

SS14 account username: Malunke 

Roles: all command roles

Date of ban: I don’t remember 

Length of ban: permanent

Events leading to the ban: I was the captain, the round was going for over two hours and I got bored, while I went through the ship I saw that cargo was building a wall, so that nobody would go in, or out, of cargo. As I saw that I told them to stop, they didn’t. As the wal was complete I was kinda angry and so I made an announcement that we are now in war with cargo and that everyone of cargo has to die.

Reason the ban should be removed: The ban has been going for a few months now, to the time of the event I was really new to the game and didn’t knew all the rules and how to act on the game, but it has been a long time now and now I know how to act in this amazing game. And so I hope you guys give me a second chance.

Your ban was on May 21st, 2023, and since then you have only connected to the servers on May 22nd, May 24th, and June 17th. You also admitted to telling the entire station to attack cargo “because you were bored”.

Denied. Only appeal this ban if you have a few weeks of issue-free playtime to show for it.

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