Ban appeal Devalu

Ban reason: Metagrudge
Length of ban: 3 days
Events leading to the ban: I assumed he broke ito chem and stole things (honestly because its a thing he always does constantly, i cant just remove my bias here). i stunned him and removed him from chem
Reason the ban should be removed: my frustrations with adam compton from many, many, many previous shifts was merely expressed verbally. i would have stunned him and removed him from chem anyway given he sat there staring at me for like 3 minutes (with an open door) when i asked him to leave.

i mean. i did metagrudge a little, but i would have also got a 3 day ban for straight up murdering him, when all i did was mildly inconvenience him. 


Basically I believe a more accurate judgement (in either direction) would be obtained by looking at replay rather than logs (which were origionally used).


Well you admitted to the metagruding so the ban is sounding fair. If you have issues with the player self antaging then send an aHelp and we can take a look or call sec or follow escalation rules. Ban lifts in just over half a day so I will leave as is considering.
Appeal Denied.

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