Ban Appeal, Discobabester, First Revision

Posted July 15

SS14 Account: Discbabester

Character Name: Marcus Woodchip. Head of Personnel

Type of Ban: Total, permanent game ban.

Date of Ban and Duration: I was banned on 15.7.22, the ban itself lasts forever.

Reason for Ban:  “RDM’D as security officer. Killed a random crewmember and then suicided before logging off”

MY SIDE: This may sound crazy. But you have the wrong person. I was not playing as the person who did that. You are looking for an account named Ijustlovemybird . He was sitting next to me at the time and I saw him do the crime. What I am attempting to say is, it wasn’t me. Marcus Woodchip and to the extension Discobabester never hurt a soul that round. Clearly an error of identity has occured. If the computer using that internet has also been banned, then I have been banned too because I use the same internet.

Why I think I should be Unbanned: As I stated, it simply wasn’t me. Ijustlovemybird is my brother. We live in the same house and use the same internet, he was the one who shot the crewmember. I also believe I brought a small amount of value to the community. I was a mighty good security cadet, chef and HoP.


Additional Notes: Contact Ijustlovemybird. He will have an explanation for his behaviour.

What my Sentence was, as per Stealth16:

Hello. Apologies for the delay in processing this appeal.

I’m going to ignore the extremely likely case of metacomms here between you and the person that I’m assuming is your friend or sibling and get straight to the reason why this, according to our policy, must be denied.

You attempted to ban evade under the name Wildspacecarp the same day you made this appeal. You chose not to bring this up at any moment during the appeal or the commentary afterward. This account was made by you, not your friend. Your friend will also not be able to appeal because we cannot guarantee that they will not let you play on their device.

Between your ban evasion attempt and the instance of you harassing our team listed above, I have no empathy for you and will refer you to a standard 6 month voucher ban. You may appeal no sooner than January 15th, 2023 (six months after your last ban evasion attempt) with a referral or voucher from another SS14 or SS13 server.


My Reasoning:

Hello, it’s me. Discobabester, unfortunately I was locked out of my account because I forgot my password, and I couldn’t really do it. It’s being about three months since I was banned on my six month sentence so I have had some time to think. I love your game and I was hoping my sentence could be shortened or nullified. I do not have a voucher, or anything of the sort. I was just hoping that I could be readmitted, this game means a lot to me and I really need people to talk to. I’m lonely.

Also, I can justify my “Ban Evasion”, since I didn’t actually do anything other than some harassment, (which wasn’t part of this appeal, but instead a job ban from captain.) I attempted to evade my ban as I was confused as to why I was banned. Seeing that I had suffered an IP Ban, I attempted to log back onto my account and access the game again. But forgot my password due to stress and haven’t been able to access it since.

So here I am, reformed and ready to rejoin your community, I couldn’t get a voucher because I suck at talking to people, but I am not friends with them anymore, we fell out significantly after they got me banned. There is no way he’d let me go on his computer lol.


Just, please. See my reasoning? 

Sincerely, Discobabester15, the new Discobabester. I will be on different servers attempting to acquire a voucher today, I like you guys! Come visit! (I will update this if I am successful)

Hold on, it’s saying I am an alt of Ijustlovemybird, the main perpetrator, why is that? It could be because back in the day we shared internet? We were room mates.

Part of you being able to successfully appeal is a voucher from another server. This is non-negotiable. What is also non-negotiable is being able to appeal before January 15th. 

Until both of those happen, do not post additional appeals.

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