Ban Appeal DuckOnQuack

SS14 account: DuckOnQuack
Character name: Lucy
When was the ban: Arround 2 hours ago probably on Miros
Your side of the story: I was complaining about two people that stole a chem master I was using for some reason, I did get pissed and shoot the two but the admin was doing jack shit about it and being a bit of a dick about it, then a secirty and ce gunned me down, and I was unbanned when I told the admin they were being a bit of a dick about this (Also keep in mind I have autism I might see some situations differently from other people)
Why you think you should be unbanned: I got banned while the sec and ce didn’t even tho they also gunned down someone else

Ignore the fact that I made some mistakes in this I’m having a shit day and am struggling with forming a sentance and sppeaking rn




I was Insecurity Guard. I joined as Assistant, I was promoted to Engineer. Then Steven Armstrong the Chief Engineer nominated me as his successor, so I was functionally Chief Engineer at the time.

I have nothing else to add, the video can speak for itself.

I’m gonna do a funny a reject your appeal.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals