Ban appeal for Emanreous

SS14 Account: Emanreous
Character name: Frankie Rodgers or Frankie Connor.
Type of ban: Game ban.
Date of ban: 10/26/2022, Permaban.
Reason for ban: RDM and lying to admins.
Server: Lizard.
My side of the story: My brother played on my computer (unauthorized) when i was on vacation. I taught him how to play the game and begged him to not break any rules which he did. When i got back i saw what happened and he told me everything. He told me that he RDM’d some secoffs and lied to admins but ended up admitting it. I have told him many times to not mess around with my stuff but he wouldn’t listen (and if you’re asking if he’s old enough to play the game, yes he is.). If you guys tell me “You’re a liar!” “We heard that story many times!” i get it, you guys have to deal with a bunch of people breaking rules but you do not have to generalize OR call me a liar. I have never broken any rules from the game since i started, i have no reason for doing so. My ban was pretty unfair since it wasn’t me who was in control of my account, but it was also my mistake for not making a separate account for my brother which wouldn’t matter anyway since permabans are IP bans too i think. I just want my access to the server back.


Your account is your responsibility. We have no way of verifying if any of this is actually true with your relatively short and scattered playtime.

Also, judging from the admin-help relays your account has been involved in plus the OOC chatter around it, I have significant doubts that you are indeed actually two different people and got more than you bargained for when you thought an “idfk like 7 days” was a long enough ban.

You will need a much better excuse then “my brother did it” if you want us to entertain an appeal. Appeal again in a week (11/08/2022).

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