Ban appeal for Emanreous

SS14 Account: Emanreous
Character name: Frankie Rodgers or Frankie Connor.
Type of ban: Game ban.
Date of ban: 10/26/2022, Permaban.
Reason for ban: RDM and lying to admins.
Server: Lizard.

Look, i know the previous ban appeal didn’t seem convincing at all but i don’t know how else to tell you guys that it was not me who broke all those rules, please you have to believe me. I mean, how can i tell my brother to not touch something that’s out of my control? and not enough proof? do i have to install cameras in my room so you guys can believe me? I have some pictures i took in my vacation if y’all don’t believe i wasn’t home. If y’all don’t know what i’m talking about here’s the previous ban appeal link:

Please you guys have to believe me, i am begging at this point. I will not let this happen again.
Also, these are pictures of my vacation, the only way of proving i was miles away from home: 





As was stated before, these are the reasons we are denying this appeal:

  • Your account is YOUR responsibility. You are to be held responsible for actions taken on your account as we have no way of verifying who is actually using it. 
  • Whomever was utilizing your account on the day of the ban lied extensively to try and cover themselves which means we are unwilling to accept this appeal on trust alone.
  • Your OOC/IC chatter and chat logs that I’ve looked through do not convince me that you are different people. You share much of the same patterns of communicating on the day you are “on vacation” as the other days you have connected to the server.
  • Just from the chat logs I happen to look at, you appear to be a problematic player in general. I can find several instances where you are attempting to self-antagonize security and/or threatening to kill people or conspiring to commit crimes while playing security.
  • You are suspected of being under the minimum required age to play (16) and that itself is grounds to be removed from the server on its own.

Furthermore these photos cannot prove anything to help your case. I would strongly suggest that you take additional steps to secure your account against unauthorized individuals using it if this is a significant problem for you and you are actually telling the truth.

This appeal is denied. Appeal again in two weeks (11/22/2022).

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