Ban appeal for FunOnTheBun - (Not doing QM duties)

SS14 account: FunOnTheBun
Character name: Jessica Von Traus
Type of Ban: Role Ban from QM
Date of Ban and Duration: About one to two weeks ago on a Friday 2 AM CST.
Reason for Ban: Abandoned post as QM to become Sec
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: It was kettle station, I did not much like that station as QM on account of the small size, constant harassment from other departments, easy QM loot to steal, and lack of cigarette machines. I went out and got the fake nuke, checked in with my cargo team and they were doing very good and self sufficient for the start. At around five-ish minutes in I caught and killed an active Syndie bomber. I decided I would just basically roam around the station and fight syndies, eventually getting another one. I would make periodic check ins with cargo to see if they were in utter chaos or anything, but they were doing fine. Later in the round there was a boxing kangaroo and some admeme shenanigans with the captain which I took part in, that is where i made the comment “I was basically sec this round.” Quite honestly it was a joke, I was just walking around the station talking to people, socializing, and beating up perps. I insist that I did pop into cargo a few times to check in. But at the end of the round, while I was still doing admeme shenanigans with captain, cargo kind of imploded on itself. This was in the last five to ten minutes of the round. That is when I was talked to by Chief_Engineer about this situation.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I do think I am a good QM honestly. I try to prevent cargonia, only give lasers to salv, imploy strats like fake nuke and cigarette vends. I like being a lead because I can do different styles of leadership to get different games, as seen on my HoS gameplay and RP. What happened that night was that it was one to two AM, I was tired, I had a bunch of rounds previously that some of were good and some of them were bad, I wanted to just meme around for a round and hang out with the cap and sec. Personally, I think that the admin handling my case had a bit of a grudge against me for previous behavior and interactions. I don’t know if you have the logs but there are moments where I ahelp and he would respond with a comment on something I had said around the lines of “snitches get stitches” or something. I do think an indefinite punishment is a bit bullshit if you ask me, I was just fucking around for a round. 

Gonna go ahead and close this due to recent round events escalating to an overall role ban from Command as well an overall ban from the game that will need to be appealed. The Command ban now encompasses your QM position, so you will have to appeal the Command ban at a later date.

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