Ban appeal for MacGr3gor

Posted October 18, 2021

SS14 account: macgr3gor
Character name: Colin Rathens
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: a week ago and appeal only ban
Reason for Ban: starting cargonia
Server you were playing on when banned: wizard’s den
Your side of the story: I didn’t actually start cargonia i just like to refer to cargo as cargonia and I referred to it as that to the wrong person
Why you think you should be unbanned: I didn’t actually start cargonia without admin permission
Anything else we should know: I didnt know cargonia was admin permission only so i will refrain from reffering to it as cargonia

so why’d you kill the guy in the Wizard robes 

10 minutes ago, Stealth16 said:

so why’d you kill the guy in the Wizard robes 

that was for breaking into cargo without permission i dont mind waiting out my ban for that but i didnt start cargonia


Stealth16: hey whyd you beat the crap out of the guy in the wizard outfit
MacGr3gor: he was a wizard and he broke into cargonia
Stealth16: “cargonia”???
MacGr3gor: yes our great nation
Stealth16: so let me get this straight
Stealth16: you’ve started cargonia?
Stealth16: without admin approval?
MacGr3gor: well not officially but we consider it cargonia
Stealth16: “we”
MacGr3gor: we havent revolted
Stealth16: alright, fuck that
Stealth16: you have a long history of starting and causing conflict as a non-antag, and now you’re starting cargonia as QM and murdering people
Stealth16: you can explain this on the forums

This was our conversation. Do you recognize how this doesn’t particularly match what you’re claiming here? " we consider it cargonia"

MacGr3gor: “we havent revolted” cargonia is a revolt as i said i just like to refer to it as cargonia


If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, flies like a duck, eats like a duck, lays eggs like a duck… it’s a duck, my dude. By that same notion, if you’re:

  • calling it “Cargonia”
  • others are referring to it as “Cargonia”
  • you kill someone in the name of “Cargonia”

Then sorry, it’s “Cargonia”. You clearly knew you were toeing the line in this situation by trying to rule-lawyer your way out by saying “we didn’t start a revolt” while still referring to it as “Cargonia” in the same conversation where an admin gave you three separate opportunities to back down from the claim. In this situation, you basically fucked around and found out. And based off your previous ban history, with this being your fifth ban in as many months for various levels of self-antag behavior, I don’t feel like you’ve actually learned anything from any of them. So, this one is going to stick with you for a while. 

Your appeal is denied. You may appeal again in six months, no sooner than April 13th, 2023 with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

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