Ban appeal for Surgery Enjoyer (self antag)

SS14 account: SurgeryEnjoyer
Character name: Can’t remember sorry I randomize my name a lot because I prefer not to pick one style of rp
Type of Ban: Game ban 
Date of Ban and Duration: 12:30pm gmt(ish) week long.
Reason for Ban: “as a non antag randomly attacked a prisoner in a cell with them, has no regrets or understanding of what they did wrong”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: I was in a cell with another inmate and as part of our “we are in a cell” roleplay, I kept taking his shoes and and talking to him by refering to him as “sweet thing” (think traditional prison relationship trope from a tv show) when he stopped doing what I told him I hit him, after i hit him a handful of times (I stopped when I saw he was bloody I wasn’t planning on killing him) I randomly caught on fire for no reason and so I assumed it was him who set me on fire with a chemical (im still not sure why I caught fire) so I continued to slap my inmate hoping they would come and pull us both out. I was then asked why I hit him by Chief engineer, I informed them that I was doing a funny bit with my inmate, to which he simply said that there was no reason for me to hit him, I insisted it was just a funny bit and it didn’t matter and he told me to enjoy my ban, so I took my last precious moments to run to my precious cellmate, the last thing I heard from him was a plea for me to get him out, truly tragic.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Personally I think it was a bit of miscommunication and the admin thought I either started the fire or maybe he didn’t see my bit.  Also I was in a prison cell and the 3 sec watching me could have easily handcuffed me or moved us to different cells, or even just tell me to stop which they did not. everyone involved was okay with my funny bit. if it bothered them I wouldn’t have continued.

I’ve had some super fun Antag rounds with everyone and even had compliments about it from people, If any of the admins reading were around for the king of clowns round that was hilarious too, I’ve been trying to learn different jobs and genuinely feel like I improve upon the roleplay that’s going on around me and adapt to whatever situation i get myself in, including being jailed as that’s all part of the game.

Anything else we should know: uhh 1984 i guess. But genuinely, a week long?

So let me see if I have this sequence of events correct:

  1. You get arrested and put into a cell with another person.

  2. You decide to harass the other person you are arrested with by stealing whatever he happens to have on him as well as refer to him as “sweet thing” (which is weird in itself by the way, even more when you describe it as a ‘traditional prison relationship’).

  3. This person decides to stop being your personal entertainment while you’re in jail. You respond by starting to punch the shit out of him.

  4. An administrator intervenes. You say you punched him only once. The administrator points out you punched him at least seven times. You then admit you were ‘hitting him for fun’.

  5. At some point you caught on fire during this. You decided the best course of action instead of preserving yourself or trying to help the other person you had been harassing in the cell was to continue trying to kill him. Your justification is “you thought it would make security come put you out”.

  6. You deflect and minimize the fact that you were trying to antagonize your cellmate for literally no reason, more than likely because you were bored.

  7. Throughout this ahelp you appear to adapt your story or change it around to fit the facts being presented.

I’m not really sure there was a miscommunication here. I think you were kind of being a dick on purpose because you found it funny while you were waiting for something to happen while being jailed for what I can only presume is generic greytiding. 

I agree with your course of events (except for the greytiding accusation which I will comment on later) and I apologise for saying I only slapped him once before I set on fire I was definitely just mitigating it because I just thought it was a question rather than an accusation of doing something wrong.

However there are plenty of times on Lizard violence is used in peoples LRP and it’s not an issue at all as long as it’s mutual between the people involved, and you’re right I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t found it funny.

I was arrested with a medic for assaulting a chaplain after he put a different medic into crit in medbay, I was told I was waiting for the detective to come verify but they didn’t for 10 minutes before the guy who I was in a cell with had tried to break me out and got arrested doing it. The security were even laughing along with it. I had spent the whole round up until this point helping sec kill kudzu plants and helping move science into a new room.

If I really misread the situation and the person I was hitting reported me I apologise to them and accept my punishment with no argument, but at the time I made this appeal it just kinda seemed like I was banned on an assumption that I was ruining other peoples fun, if that’s not the case I’ve got no choice but to accept that as well.

I asked for a second opinion on what I wrote and my friend told me it might come across as dismissive, I just want to say that I’m dreadful at things like this, I’m not trying to be dismissive.

Closing this appeal as this ban has expired. I do think that at least you have an understanding of why that kind of conduct might be problematic.

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