Ban appeal for unsubscribable

Role(s): Security (cadet etc)

Length of ban: indefinite

Events leading to the ban: Beat to crit then abandoned a cuffed player. See note

Reason the ban should be removed: role banned before there were public notes. Did this about a year ago when I was first still testing the game out and had yet to become serious about it. Feel that my play style now more greatly aligns with the spirit of the game. Take roles more seriously and stick to them as much as your average player. Have not had a mods issue since. As lawyer I often end up having to help sec, and feel it would be fun to be a space cop from time to time. If sec is not unbanned I can appeal at a later date when more proof occurs, but more or less just want the opportunity to play the more serious role from time to time.

While there isn’t much to go on in the context of your play history since the offence, your appeal seems competently written and in the somewhat short time we have to go off of, there’s virtually no issues. On a small leap of faith, accepted. Please be familiar with escalation rules and expectations as security.

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